oh, hongbin.

this is not my usual dirty fanfic. ;; i’ve never written anything romantic or fluff, whatever you call it. please give me opinions~

The sheer white drapes did nothing to stop a morning ray of light waking you up. Your eyes fluttering open, squinting harshly as you adjusted to the sunlight. The spot next to you in bed was empty, the sheets pulled back and the pillow rustled. You were about to finally get out of bed before a gentle knock on the bedroom door grabbed your attention. A smile instantly appeared on your face, “Come in.”

The door opened slowly, “Are you awake, sweetie?” Hongbin’s voice was a soothing mellow tone that made you melt each time he talked to you. His head popped in from behind the door, his wide eyes staring at you. “Good morning, my love,” his smile was enough to make you break out in goose bumps. The door swung open and you saw he was wearing the green plaid shirt and khaki cargo shorts you gave him for his birthday. He hadn’t bothered to button the shirt all the way up, his collar bone and upper chest showing.

He sat on the bed, one leg still dangling off the side and his gaze still locked on you. He reached his hand to your face, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear, “Did you sleep well?” You nodded in reply, the smile still stuck on your face.

The brief moment of silence was broken as Hongbin’s arm wrapped around your shoulders and he pulled you to him, “I’m happy you’re here.” Your heart skipped a beat as the warmth of his body was pressed against you and his words finally registered in your mind. His free hand grabbed your chin and tilted your head to look at him, “I know we don’t see each other much because of rehearsal and recording. I know you’re lonely, sad, and just want me here with you.” The sadness filling his gaze left you speechless. “But please realize that while I’m away, the one thing that keeps me happy… keeps me motivated… keeps me alive… is you,” his tone was slightly stern, he wanted to get his point across without any doubt.

He wrapped his other arm around you, leaning his head by the side of yours. He whispered in your ear, “I love you. I love you with every part of my being. There’s not one thing in this world that could make me stop.” He spoke your name, ever so softly as he squeezed his arms around you. Your arms snaked themselves around his torso, gripping at his shirt. He was easily able to pick you up as he stood up from the bed. Your legs wrapped around his waist, your grip on him becoming tighter. The two of you held onto each other, enjoying the moment together.

After a bit, you realized Hongbin was setting you back down on the bed. His towering body hovering over you, the sunlight casting over him made it seem like a dream. He leaned down slowly as he pressed his lips against yours. His soft kiss lingered even after he pulled back, you wanted more of him. You both stared at each other with smiles, but you were the one to break the silence this time, “I love you, Hongbin.”

“My love,” he breathed as he leaned down for another kiss.

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