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To celebrate Leo’s debut as a musical actor in the musical ‘FULL HOUSE’, VIXX EUROPE decided to showcase the support of all international ST☆RLIGHTS through a rice wreath!

VIXX EUROPE collaborated with international Leo fansite and affiliate 19901110.com in order to deliver this project. We successfully managed to purchase a 30kg rice wreath with a photo placard and bouquet, in support of Leo.

Our photo placard is an exclusive photo of Leo, taken from VIXX’s European photoshoot in Japako Magazine! This photo was kindly given to us for use by our affiliates, Japako Music. source: VIXXEurope

[!!] INSTIZ Countdown for VIXX’s next album!


May 31, Starlights! INSTIZ has recently put up a countdown timer for VIXX’s next album. There hasn’t been any official Jellyfish announcement as of right now though.

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